Thoughts on 2014 And A Pretty Camisole

At the beginning of 2014, I decided I was going to set a goal for myself – I was going to make at least one project each month. That way when the year was done, I’d have 12 things to show for it. Thanks in part to having a blog and feeling that little nudge to keep posting something, I reached my goal, and I feel I exceeded it by making more than one thing each month. Looking back, I made multiple things each month. That’s feels like a good year.

In 2014 I made a pareo, cloned two different Prima Donna bras, crocheted a scarf, made a few felt brooches, six plunge bras, knit hand-warmers, made a bodice moulage and two bodice slopers (one for wovens, one for knits), a scrunchie, two aprons, a Kwik Sew bra, a summer skirt, cloned two Fantasie bras, three cardigans, panties, pants, two lace tank tops, AND finally perfected my bra pattern for a perfect fit – that’s 36 different projects completed. Looking back and actually counting what I did felt great!

So, what did I make last week?

Well, this was actually the week before Christmas because things just got too busy last week. So, that week, I completed something that had been on my sewing list for a while now. I’d picked up some beautiful stretch lace planning to make a couple of camisoles and finally finished one for me. It’s from my TNT panty pattern, Kwik Sew 2286. It’s the Tank Top option. I made this once before for my Mum back in September. However, it was a bit snug on her, so my great-niece is now wearing it ‘all the time’. At least that is what I hear and that’s a nice thing to hear.


I have a bra on underneath on Catherine to show the shaping better. It’s a shaped Tank, and just didn’t look right without the proper filling out under it.


And from the side. You can see the bra and foam cup peeking out at the armhole.

Before I cut this out, I laid the knit sloper I made from Suzy Furrer’s class on Craftsy: Patternmaking Basics, The Bodice Sloper. That helped me to see exactly how this pattern would fit me. White on white isn’t the easiest to see, so I outlined the side of the sloper with black. You can see I hit all the sizes on that pattern – I’m small, medium and more. One difference is my knit sloper is shorter in the underarm than the pattern. You can also see I’m crazy curvier than the already shaped pattern.

Knit sloper on pattern

After seeing just where I fit on the pattern, the only change I decided to make was to make the armhole one size smaller. I know from experience that most armholes gape on me, so this one is much better. It could be smaller still, but I’m not used to anything fitting closely there, so this feels just fine.


The above picture shows the lace detail better than on Catherine. It also shows just how delicate this stretch lace is.


This last photo is to show the lace at the neckline and arms a little better. Against the cream background it almost looks like a different top. I also bought this material in a red black and white floral. That’s next.

And one last photo of me wearing my new camisole/tank top. I doubt I’ll ever wear it on its own, so wore it as I would normally wear it – with another camisole under it and a cardigan over it. You can see by the photo I’m no longer trying to cover up my ‘stripe’.


Happy creating and a very Happy and creative New Year!

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