Basic Black And Not So Basic Black

I’m happy to say, as of this blog, I have no RTW panties in my drawer. Yay! That means all my panties are now very comfortable, pretty, and me-made. I like that.

So, what did I make? It was time to make some more black panties.


Here’s some of my stash. The Cotton Spandex is all cut out and ready to be sewn. The gorgeous wide leopard lace was a find eBay. Oh, it’s nice. So I’m building my black panty wardrobe here.

I’m using my favorite TNT pattern, Kwik Sew 2286. They don’t call it a hipster, but that’s how it fits me. It’s hard to find, but if you can find it, grab it up. It’s a great pattern.


What really sold me on this pattern was it’s almost exactly like my favorite, now-discontinued, RTW panties. Both have elastic lace trim at the waist and leg opening. It’s almost the exact same shape too. The pattern sits a little higher, and I found I preferred that.


Here are the first couple of pair done. I really love that leopard lace! And although it’s not a perfect match for my Pin-Up Girls classic bra with the leopard mesh trim, it’s close and I’m happy with it as a set.


The next pair was made to match too.


This one is black with red lace at the waist and leg opening. I couldn’t resist putting a little of the Lycra on the panty to mimic the Lycra on the power bars and bridge of the bra.


This is another fun set for me.

I am making four pair of basic black with black lace trim. I ran out of lace after making the first panty, so off I went to the fabric store and I found this wonderful lace on sale for 65% off. I bought 15 meters! I think it was $2.20 to start, so I pretty much cleared the bolt.


The lace trim wasn’t the only great deal I got that day. I wandered into the discount area, and walked by some lovely bright crinkle cotton. I walked by it, and then back to it. It was only $3/meter. I think I walked away three times, but kept going back. Am I ever happy I did! When I went to get it cut, I found out it was half price! So I took what was left on the bolt, just over two and a half meters. This will make a lovely summer top.


As for the lace I bought, I think I’ll have enough for a little while now. Before I even found this lace, I knew I was getting low, so had also been looking on Etsy and eBay for laces too. I found this lovely scalloped lace that I plan to use on two of the basic black panties.


This will make my favorite panties almost exactly like my former favorite – they had scalloped lace trim at both the waist and leg opening.


I bought a few meters of that too. The next time I’m looking for black lace trim, I should be set!

Happy creating!

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6 thoughts on “Basic Black And Not So Basic Black

    1. Thanks, Marsha. 🙂 You really should try, you’ll never go back. And it’s such a nice feeling in the morning when you open your drawer and see things you’ve made there.

  1. I have that pattern and also love it. But have you made the undershirt with matching panties? Great for sloppy days around the house when you just don’t want a bra, yet the girls want to be cuddled a bit.

    1. It is such a great pattern. I’ve made the tank top, and it’s such a good pattern too. I should try the other tops seeing as I like these ones so much. Yes, those days around the house… I’m wanting that today.

  2. Very nice. KS2286 is one of my TNT lingerie patterns. Well drafted patterns can’t be beat.

    1. Thanks, Sew Chic. I was just talking with a professional Bra-maker yesterday, and we were agreeing on that very thing – a well-drafted pattern can’t be beat. I would LOVE it if Kwik Sew brought 2286 out again. It really is a great pattern.

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