Finding A Sewing Friend

Well, there was a much longer gap between my first post this year, and this second one. Oh my. What a month it’s been. I somehow got influenza, and I’ve never been sick like that before in my life. Oh my goodness! I even took an ambulance trip to the hospital when I lost consciousness. It made for  excitement we didn’t need. I gave my DH and two DSs quite a scare. Two weeks later, I’m still recovering my strength.

Just before I became ill, my camera had an intimate encounter with a glass of wine. Sadly, my camera no longer functions. My hubby, knowing I use my camera for my blog, has bought me a new one for Valentine’s Day. What a sweetie! So, for this post, I apologize for the quality of my photos.

Enough sickness and brokenness. I am starting to feel better (thankfully!), and I’m ready to start doing some creative things again.

Starting to feel like myself again, I’m starting to get out. I was out visiting a new friend this week and we had such a wonderful visit. Vivian is 25 years older than me, but that didn’t hinder our getting along at all. We met when she walked by me and I spotted her hand-made handbag. I asked her if she’d made her bag or bought it. With a big smile, she told me she’d made it. I just happened to be carrying my Conference Tote Bag, so showed her what I’d made. We sat down and started comparing our bags right then and there. I’m sure our hubbies were smiling knowingly at one another over our heads.


Here’s the bag Vivian was carrying. Isn’t that lovely? She invited me over for a visit and to look at all her bags, and see the ones she’s cut out but hasn’t sewn yet.  Take a look at some of her other bags:


This bag is a variation of the original pattern she used.


This bag is a variation too. I love the fabric on this one. I love florals. (I’m sorry the photo is so bad.) (Bad photos are really going to bother me.)


This bag is the same as the pattern. You can see that even though she’s used that same floral fabric in this one, the leather makes it look so different. I love this one, and got to bring it home to see how it had been put together while I make one.

Vivian said I could buy the leather and floral bag, or I could make one myself. Then she showed me all the bags she had already cut out and interfaced. Oh my! She said take what you want. Well, I could never really do that. If I really took what I wanted, I’d just pack up her stash and bring it all home.


Here’s a (somewhat blurry) photo of the table she had with all the pre-cut, interfaced, but not-yet-assembled bags all piled up. They were mostly two sets deep, some were three sets deep. There was so much there, and it was hard to pick just one or two, but I did manage. I picked that same floral and leather one, and then a gorgeous red and black material combination too. Vivian also had a box full of material for bags that she hadn’t cut out yet. I was in envy of her bag-making stash!

To top it all off, she gave me the pattern and said she didn’t need it anymore. The pattern is from Melly & Me. You can buy the pattern here:

Melly bag

How pretty is that? That is just so bright and fresh. It would be great for summer.

It was so much fun to meet a new sewing friend, but to have so much given to me as well, that was the cherry on top! I’d love to give something back too. She told me she’d wanted to make these bags to sell and raise money for an orphanage. However, she found people weren’t willing to pay much more than the costs of the materials. She gave up. Oh, I hate to see anyone give up.

I had a few ideas for her. Crafts shows was one idea. She could make the bags for most of the year, and then sell them just before Christmas. I’m sure people would be more supportive and responsive then. ‘Tis the season and all, and who doesn’t feel good supporting an orphanage?

Another idea is one I’d seen a few years ago. A woman was raising money to adopt a child. Once a month she’d auction off a bag she’d made and the prices the bags were going for was great, most of them well over $100 each. I suggested that to her too. I do hope she doesn’t just give up. It’s such a great and worth-while endeavor.

Happy creating!

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