My Bosom Buddy

Welcome to Michelle’s Creations. Today, it’s not about me at all. Today is all about my Bosom buddy– everyone else was doing right/left bra cup analogies, but we’re making panties… the bra cups don’t fit here or there. I know…. she’s my booty buddy!


You’ll read all about our makes and reviews on Friday, but today? Here’s a fun peek at Deb.


This is Deb’s favorite photo of herself. Her hubby took this photo of her just a few days ago.

Deb’s favorite bra is a red one!


Oh! The pinstripe and the little crystal heart with the bow. I can see why this is a favorite!

Her least favorite bra is “…one that makes my boobs look way too pointy…like Madonna’s cone bras.” Uh, that would be a least favorite of mine too!


It’s just not a look that’s in fashion anymore. And just so you all know, this is not Deb.

Deb’s favorite pattern? “Anything Burda. I love their fit and styles.”

“My favorite lingerie pattern? I have a lot of undies patterns (all Jalie) but don’t have a favorite lingerie pattern yet. I’m loving the style of Ohhh Lulu.”


“Either the Clara Cami or Hannah Chemise.” Above, Clara; Hannah below.


“My worst sewing mistake was in 2002. I used to make prom dresses. And this is the story of why I don’t make them anymore. I would make a muslin from the lining, then have the girl try on the lining and  sew up the real dress. Two days later she had her dress. Well this one girl did 5 fittings and never wore the same bra twice. It changed the shape of her bust so it never fit the same way. I finally got the dress done 2 days before prom. It was hanging in my living room and I noticed a funny pleat at the bust line. So I turn on my iron to fix the funny pleat in the fabric and I burnt the bodice. I had to start over!”


“The garment I made that I was really proud of myself for making was a jean jacket with top stitching on all my seams. The inside was finished off with bias binding. I didn’t have a serger at that time. It was probably one of the first things I made for me. The pattern was Butterick 6376.”

This is a fun look into my ‘booty’ buddy. Thanks, Deb. You can see Deb’s peek at me here. I’ve had so much fun sharing our makes and working with you on the tour.


Above are the rest of our bloggers. What an incredible job you’ve all done!


Happy creating!

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