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Kantje Boord

Do you remember a few weeks ago I posted about my hubby’s trip to Germany?

I’d mentioned some gorgeous material from Kantje Boord. Gorgeous material I’d seen a few years ago. Gorgeous material that Sigrid made into a lovely bra. Gorgeous material that I didn’t order.


When I initially wrote the post, I couldn’t find a photo of the bra, even though I knew I’d saved it… somewhere. This week, I was adding a photo to my Pinterest page and there it was. The bra Sigrid made.


Isn’t that lovely? Do you follow Sigrid? I really enjoy reading about her makes.

After seeing how pretty this bra is again, I’m having a second thought or two about not ordering this, while telling myself, ‘I will not be tempted by Lycra.’ Sigh. I’ll have to see when my hubby’s work takes him to Europe again.

Sew Canadian Sewing Swap

As well, a few weeks ago, I posted I participated in the Sew Canadian Sewing Swap. Here’s the lovely little zippered pouch I received:


I love it! Such adorable fabric.

The note that came with it said it could be a lip gloss holder, or a Wonder Clip holder, or a coin purse. When Catherine (Cee Gee Couture) mentioned the Wonder Clips, I knew right away how I would use this.

Hair clips. Hair clips are annoying when traveling. I will now have a lovely little zippered pouch to use to hold them, and any other little bits I have to dig down to the bottom of my travel bags to find. Thank you, Catherine!

Do you follow Sigrid’s blog? Have you been part of a sewing swap before? What ideas do you have for sewing swap gifts?

Happy creating!

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