When Things Aren’t Coming Together

Have you ever had a sewing project that just wasn’t coming together? I’ve had two of those recently.

A Butt-Kicking

Let’s talk about the first one. It’s a lovely dress. The Carefree dress by hallå.

Isn’t that pretty? It’s been kicking my butt!

It’s not the pattern. It’s dumb little things that keep happening. I cut out the skirt and somehow laid the top out and didn’t have enough material. I had been sure I had enough. I gave up at that point because it was late, and I really like my material. The next day when I went back, I did have enough material. I couldn’t figure out how I couldn’t see that the night before.

Everything got cut out and then had to wait.

I had to take a break from sewing my dress to finish another project that I’ll be revealing in a few days. Let me give you a peek.

Oh! That is gorgeous fabric! It has words from Canada’s national anthem on it.

Well, now that I’m mentioning something… There’s a blog tour coming up right away. Tune in tomorrow for the launch!

Back to the skirt. I finally had some time again this week to get back to sewing it, only to feel like I was getting beat up again. This time it was the waist gathering. I sewed that long running stitch to make the gathers three times. It broke the first two times when I was gathering it. I did get it though. I am determined. I will finish this dress.

Here’s what I have so far.

I’m really liking this. The material was the last of its kind at my local fabric store, and it was 70% off. I liked that too. It’s a lovely cotton Lycra (CL), so will be wonderful to wear.

Here’s how the top will kind of look once it’s done. Well, I’m sure it will look better than this, but you can get the idea.

I’m using the same red CL for the waistband as for the arm and neck bindings.

I’m also thinking of making a hack to the pattern. Rather than sew the top to the waistband, I’m thinking of adding a band to it, and leaving it separate. As well, I’m thinking of making a red top and band so I can add a little more versatility to this rather than just the one look.

Happy creating!

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8 thoughts on “When Things Aren’t Coming Together

    1. I’m really looking forward to the tour too! And my seam ripper is going to get a little bit of a workout before this dress can be finished.

  1. Love the fabric. Adorable dress. Sew on & keep us posted on your progress. It’s delightful!

  2. You will get there:) I know what you mean re fabric and late at night – the next I often wonder at my thoughts on a project the night before!!

    1. Thanks, Vicky. I still haven’t learned not to sew at night. Hopefully, one day I’ll figure out I’m too tired to sew then. 🙂

  3. I’ve had several of these projects lately!! In fac… I’m on a blog tour today where I had to throw out my dress completely and stitched up something through the night. I slept a few hours, then got up early this morning, shot the photos and finished the post in record timing. I prefer not to do that again.

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