Sewing Plans

I always have a long list of things I want to sew, and since my sewjo has taken a late-summer vacation, I’m organizing some of my plans. At least I still feel I’m doing something and making some progress this way.

Another Watson

Em has told me so many times that she loves the Watson I made her. She’s hinted she wants another one. She’s told me her favorite colors. She’s mentioned she wears the one she has all the time. So, I have one cut out for her in this adorable polka dot material. I think she’ll like this. 

You might recognize this material from a previous Watson I made.

I love this polka dot material.

A Camisole for Me

  I found this gorgeous cotton-silk blend. Oh, it’s sumptuous. That’s really the only way to describe it. To make this even better, I found it in the clearance section at my local fabric store. That was just a bonus!

I also found some lovely lace material. Together, it will make a very pretty camisole.

This being such lovely material, I may look at some actual lace I have too and decide then. I just need some sewjo again. 

A Handbag for a Friend

   A dear friend of mine has been living in the US for the past year. She saw my Canada 150 bag, and said she’d love one too. I don’t have any of the original fabric left, so found some that was perfect for her. Her hubby used to be a Mountie. I think she will really love this! 

Aren’t those Mounties adorable?

Drafting Ups and Downs

You know, sometimes, I fuss too much.

My fourth draft (second with Karin) only needed small adjustments. I don’t know why I simply didn’t make those small adjustments to the pattern. Instead I went back and re-drew everything. I didn’t get the same results.

As well, I ran out of duoplex from my stash. I still have a couple of kits, but I wasn’t going to cut into those. I had to take a break from my drafting.

On that day, with no bits of duoplex left, and a draft that wasn’t what I wanted, I was ready to throw in the towel. For the better part of the day, I was defeated. I was giving up. I couldn’t sew. I couldn’t draft. I might as well delete my blog. I’m sorry I wasted all our money. Blah. Blah. Blah.

That’s when my hubby came to my rescue – he calmly told me I was doing well. Look how far I’d come. Then he told me to go ahead and order some more duoplex to keep going. He is my hero.

Future Plans

 Well, I do plan to finish all of these projects, including sewing up that fourth drafted pattern with a few adjustments. As well, I have a Spring/Fall jacket I want to make, and a Agnes top with sleeves. I have the material for both of these as well.

All of these projects are just waiting for me to get my sewjo back. I hope my sewjo doesn’t take too long a vacation.

Happy creating!

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8 thoughts on “Sewing Plans

  1. Hi Michelle. I so understand about wanting to quit Everything! when something isn’t working out at planned. Thanks for sharing the little voice that nags us all, the frustration that is daunting to push through and the joy that comes from keeping on .

    I’m inspired by your blog … all the triumphs and the “failures” on the way to success.

    Happy Autumn!

  2. Hi Michelle,
    I, too, am working on getting my sewjo back. I set things aside for the summer to spend time with our grandson and enjoy the sunshine. I have a couple of onesies to work on while I take off the extra #s I accumulated with the summer 🍷 and 🥗. Of course it would be good practice to draft a new size bra…… however….. either way is a challenge.
    Back to the sewing machine….

  3. Your tip about the water soluble thread is genius! I found your blog from Emerald Erin’s round up, and I am also struggling to get a good fit in a bra- arghhh! I have made 12 bras, 1 that is wearable, but not great. I just finished another one that looks great, the band is awesome, but the cups are horrid! Thank you for sharing your journey, and if I can reuse at least the elastics without having to unpick it all I may just keep on going!

    1. Linda, I’m glad you found something that will help. That’s great! Yes, it seems for some of us, this bra-making journey is more of a struggle. For me, going back to the specialty store this year and trying on everything in my size, and them all being really uncomfortable is helping me to keep going. I’m close, and mine are more comfortable than anything I can buy. Now to just get the last bits of my drafting done, and I hope I’m set! Keep going!

      P.S. I don’t want to count how many bras I’ve made. However, most of them were wearable – not perfect, but wearable.

      1. I keep reminding myself that I am lucky that I can make trousers/pants and have them fit with little issues ;-). My plan from now on is to stick to one fabric type (I have got the best rounded cup in scuba, so that is what I am going to use), get a usable pattern for that- I am so close!- and then work from there. I bought the thread straight away from Amazon, I am so excited!!!! Thanks again

        1. Linda, oh! Pants are another not-easy-to-fit garment. Good for you. Yes, I plan to do the same thing – get my pattern and stick with it. Let me know how the thread works for you. 🙂

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