Time for New Booties

Sewing for my Pup

I’ve made dog booties three years in a row now. That’s how long we’ve had our rescue pup. It seems each year, I have to make him new booties because one got lost, or one fell apart. Here’s what’s left from the last two years.

Three of one set. Two from two different sets, but the same material. Only one sad little one left from some that were gifted to us. Since losing those first booties, I’ve been using the old mittens-on-a-string trick to keep him from losing any more.

Here are last year’s. Thanks to the ties, he still has them all, but…

They’re in really rough shape. He and my hubby like to go off the beaten or plowed path. So they’re off in the bush for their walks. Not me. I’m on the sidewalk. Still my pup is rough on his booties there too. He catches a scent and he’s kicking up a storm with his paws. No wonder they wear out so quickly.

It’s time to make him some new ones, especially considering we got snow this week!

  I’ve got things all cut out, but I’m not going to cut out the little circle of faux suede this time. I’m going to use a full square on the back to hopefully make these last a little longer.

If you’re interested, here‘s where I got my pattern. And here‘s a great video to show you how to sew up a pair on your own.


  I have so much Christmas sewing to do, and I found this. This is the Color Wheel Pin Cushion.

This is the most adorable tuffet pin cushion. I was told it hardly takes any material, so it will be great for all those little scraps I just couldn’t throw out.

However, as adorable as this is, I have to make booties, and slippers, and a scarf, and two lap quilts, not to mention I want to get back to my bra draft. It was just too adorable not to add to my list of sewing plans.

Happy creating!

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4 thoughts on “Time for New Booties

  1. I have a vision of our dog’s booties flying off as she was running down the hill… I could never get them to stay on! She has long fur, though, and I didn’t make them tight enough. Where do the ties go? Over his back?

    1. Yes. I pin the ties to his coat and they go up over his back. It was the same for us – boots always coming off and getting lost. I had no desire to make boots all winter long!

      1. That’s a great idea, if we have a lot of snow this year I will try it, thanks for the inspiration!

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