Butterick 5537

I’ve been working on Butterick 5537 for my son.


My son’s girlfriend wanted him to have a robe for his birthday. Do you remember the lap quilt I made for her last Christmas?

It’s warm and fuzzy (flannel) and covered in musical notes. I guess someone else is always wanting to use it. Yup, that someone else is my son. So she wanted him to have something warm and fuzzy covered in musical notes that’s all his own.


I have to say, almost all of my sewing projects have been much smaller than a men’s size Large robe. I’m noticing it when I pin and sew. But I think my son is going to love it.

Here’s my precious boy many years ago – and this was the last time I sewed a robe too.

 Ooh, he’s so cute! He’s turning 22 now, so this was 20 years ago.

The Robe

Here’s the polar fleece I’m using for the robe.

We (son’s girlfriend and I) had plans to sew this together, but things have been so busy we only were able to get it cut out together. With only a week before his birthday, and her working two jobs. I started sewing it up myself.

Thankfully, the weather was cooperating while I sewed up this very warm material. We’d had a cool rainy day which I’ve appreciated. In fact, it’s taken me a couple of days of sewing, and both of those sewing days were cool and rainy. Perfect polar-fleece-sewing-weather for June.

The Finished Robe

Here’s my son’s robe all done. It dwarfs my dress form, Catherine. I think the belt is hitting about hip level, but it gives you an indication of how it looks. 

Here’s the back. 

You might notice the sleeves aren’t done here. My dear son is always saying sleeves aren’t long enough, so I’m letting him decide how long he wants these. It will mean he’ll have to wait another day before he gets his robe though.

Final Thoughts

He loves it! He hated having to take it off for me to hem those sleeves, but was also so thankful the sleeves would be long enough. He tells me his cat loves it too.

Happy creating!