The Ham and Sausage Challenge

I was recently reading through one of the many sewing forums on Facebook, and this post really piqued my interest. Here’s a screen shot:


Hmm. I have a Tailor’s Ham, but I don’t have a Sleeve Roll. These are adorable. I love the fabrics! I decided I was going to make myself a pair and I knew the materials I wanted to use.

Originally, I bought this plaid wool skirt at a second-hand store (I love my deals.), and this coordinating material on sale at my local fabric store. I was thinking I’d make a bag. I still have lots of material left over to make a bag at some point.

materialsBack to the Ham and Sausage Challenge. Traditionally, Tailor’s Hams are wool on one side and cotton on the other. I may be using traditional materials, but it doesn’t look quite so traditional.

I have my materials. I have the pattern thanks to Elewa blog. The only thing I had to buy was wood shavings to stuff them.

 Here are my materials all cut out. This is a super quick project, and one I think I’m going to enjoy for a long time.


I’m ready to stuff.


It’s a messy job – the floor looked worse! As much as I stuffed, I didn’t quite stuff enough. I had tingles shooting through my hand, so had to leave them as they were.

They’re done and they’re pretty good. They could be stuffed a bit more (but not by me) so they’d be a bit firmer, but they are still firm.


I love the coordinating fabric I used on the backs.


One last fun photo. Marsha of Flying by the Seam of my Pants suggested I have some pineapple with my ham and sausage. I thought that sounded delicious! 😉


I really enjoyed making these. I have a lot of wood shavings left over, so I may just make another pair and have my hubby help with stuffing them, or one of my sons – they’re all stronger than me.

Next week I have a little something special – I’m joining with Marsha and new-to-the-blogging-scene, Naomi, for a Craftsy class review. Join us next week to see what we’re reviewing.

Happy creating!

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7 thoughts on “The Ham and Sausage Challenge

  1. What timing! As I’m reading this, I’m watching a chef on PBS cooking up ham and pineapple in puff pastry. Should I call him and tell him he forgot the sausage?

  2. Oh Michelle! I love this!! That pink fabric is gorgeous but I love the combination of both fabrics even more! I definitely urge you to make more 😛 I can’t wait for you to use them. Let me know when you’ve ironed your first piece of fabric on them, hehe!

  3. Lovely. If you get sawdust from Home Depot or somewhere that cuts wood, it will fill up tighter (just keep shaking as you go). Also, when I made mine, my husband helped me and had me sew on a filling tube. That tube makes it much easier. When it is totally full you can trim the tube, tuck it in and sew closed.

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