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Welcome again to my stop on the Canada 150 – In the Bag tour! This is just a short (well, I tried to keep it short) sweet post to let you know a bit about some of our fabulous sponsors! Remember, all our sponsors are Canadian. And our tour just wouldn’t be as much fun without their awesome support – prizes for you!

Being a transplanted Westerner, I’m covering the Western Canadian sponsors for our tour.

I’m starting off with Stay Home Fabrics, an online fabric shop located in Saskatchewan.

Stay Home Fabrics is located solely online with 99% of their customer base being Canadians. They also have quite a few customers who make handbags. They offer a large variety of fabrics: fleece, minky, linen, cotton, flannel, knit, and interfacing.

Above is a photo of their wall of fabric. That’s a nice selection.

Next stop:

Traveling west to Alberta, we come across another online fabric shop – Crookshanks Custom Textiles.

Crookshanks is unique in that it specializes in cotton Lycra. (Oh, I love CL!)  Crookshanks owner says:

I had noticed that there was a need for geeky/nerdy based fabric from Canadian sellers. I’m one of the few Canadian groups that’s doing original, nerdy artwork. I think it’s a niche for sure, but there is definitely a market for it that just needs to be tapped.

There are a couple of women who make handbags, but cotton Lycra needs to be stabilized first and many don’t know you can do that for handbags.”

Just take a quick look at some of what Crookshanks carries and how it can be used:


Continuing on our westward journey, there’s nowhere to go after Alberta but British Columbia, at least not if we’re going strictly west. In B.C. we find two more of our sponsors.

First we come to Blackbird Fabrics. Any of my bra-making readers will recognize Blackbird Fabrics as one of the Canadian suppliers of bra-making materials.

“I have sales from all over the world, but Canada and the US is where I ship to the most. More than half of my business is from Canada, so I would say it’s a viable market!  I pride myself on great customer service, staying personally connected with my customers and the community on social media, and I make sure to only bring in fabrics and supplies that are great quality – things I would want to work with and sew with.

Garment fabrics is the bread and butter of my online shop. Alongside the fabrics, you’ll find sewing patterns, workroom supplies, and some lingerie supplies. I’ll be expanding the lingerie section this year, and I’m working on sourcing a nice range of trims and notions.

I know Blackbird’s bra-making kits have flown off the shelves in the past, so I’m going to be watching for that expanding lingerie section.

Our last stop is Sitka Fabrics.

 Sitka Fabrics tells us on their website, ‘If you do not see a fabric you would like, please let me know! I am more than happy to see if I can order it in.’

Sitka Fabrics is also wanting to expand further, possibly building a warehouse shop or leasing a retail space in town. I want to be able to offer more textile varieties, trims, and notions.  We hope to offer sewing classes locally, especially for kids.
At this time they carry mainly European knits. As well as a variety of quilting cottons, notions such as stiff stuff, piping, binding, needles et al.  They are bringing in a really neat product that is not widely found in Canada that will be revealed later in June!
I can’t wait for the reveal!

Each blog has an exclusive giveaway, so be sure to visit them all.

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* Jewellery is the Canadian spelling.


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44 thoughts on “Canada 150 – In the Bag Tour Western Sponsors

  1. enjoying the blog tour-I try to always buy from Canadian shops…you have added some to my list. Thanks.

  2. sewing related but not bag sewing….received some beautiful velvet fabric for my birthday…long story short….didn’t check the nap and it was all the wrong way so when worn it didn’t have that luchious depth associated with velvet….
    Ps…hope this is the correct place to post this…otherwise it’s gunna entertain a few peeps!

  3. Thanks for this! I have a list in my bookmarks of Canadian retailers and I found a couple not on my list 🙂 I have to go virtual window shopping now 😉

  4. I once made a bargello quilt. It was the 3rd or 4th one I had done so I thought I was pretty good at it but I was wrong. I made my strip sets, cut my strips, numbered them and laid them out on my bed. Everything looked good so I sewed all the strips together and was pretty pleased with myself. When putting the quilt sandwich together my daughter noticed that something wasn’t right. I had sewn 2 strips in the wrong order somehow and even with looking at it so many times I didn’t see my mistake. It was a lot of work to correct it but it was gorgeous when it was fixed.

  5. I never knew that jewellry had a unique Canadian spelling. Thanks for that fun fact and for this whole fun tour!

  6. When I lived in Canada there were so many things I had to order from the US – so glad to see the availability of cool stuff!!!!! Thanks for all the info!!!

  7. It is so much fun reading everyone’s blogs from the different stops along the Canada 150 tour.

  8. I tried to make a small pouch with 4 zippers. It was so confusing and I ripped out so much, I sat it down 3 years ago and haven’t picked it up since

  9. Thanks, so many ideas and great fabrics, patterns, hardware, and Canadian sources. I have made so many mistakes but pockets with zippers seem to give me the most trouble. Practice makes perfect.

  10. Sewing fail….I had great plans for a dress, up cycling a shirt from the thrift store for the bodice and a nice floral for the skirt. I finished it, tried it on and it was the most frumpy dress I had ever seen, let alone made. 😂 looked like a character straight out of Laura Ingalls time.😁

  11. i always try to support the Canadian shops, we do have some great ones. I really like this blog hop for that reason, finding more shops to shop 🙂

    1. I like to support here at home too. That was part of our motivation to do this tour – to let everyone know what’s out there.

  12. Thanks for this list! I’m in AB so it’s nice to find some new places on this side of the country!

  13. Thank you for highlighting Canadian companies. I try to shop within Canada when possible and it’s good to add more suppliers to the list.

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